Eccos has signed a direct four-year contract with the European Commission



Eccos, a high-tech company from Zagreb, has recently received a contract worth about four million euros in Brussels with the European Commission. Namely, as explained by Krešimir Paić and Silvio Preglej, CEO-s and co-owners of Eccos, this is a four-year contract to upgrade and maintain all electronic and electromechanical access control systems for people and vehicles in all 80 European Commission facilities, including a central facility where all major decisions are made and all major events take place.

“We are proud that recently in the strongest European competition we have been able to win and conclude a four-year contract with the European Commission. This work is the crown of Eccos’s effort to export Croatian intellect, knowledge and experience to the European Union under the Croatian name and the Croatian flag, not as a subcontractor of large foreign companies.

When entering foreign markets, we intend to do as much as possible to mostly accept a whole electrical engineering projects with our software and project solutions, since we have enough knowledge, quality, experience and will to do that”, Paić points out.

Text is originally written by Darko Bičak and published in Croatian weekly magazine Poslovni dnevnik.