Eccos participated in the Croatian Security Days 2019 conference



Croatian Security Days, a conference organized by the Croatian Association of Security Managers, held in Opatija from 23 to 25 October 2019, is intended for an audience interested in new forms of security, which was also the topic of this year’s conference.

Through the lectures, discussions, exchange of experiences and informal socializing, participants had opportunities to acquire new knowledge and skills to apply them in their daily work.

Topics of the panels were economy and security, the transition from the military, intelligence police world to the world of corporate and private security, and cyber threats. In addition to cyber security, a theme chosen by a few lecturers, other topics included Intelligence analysis education, corporate security, workplace deviant behavior management, fraud and economic crime prevention, GDPR, etc.


Ivan Bilać, Eccos’s Project Sales Manager, also participated as a lecturer and he presented new forms of port security.

On the last day of the conference, apart from taking a lecture on how to manage corporate incidents and security risks, attendees could hear more about how to earn the golden standard for a corporate security manager and learn about new technologies as tools for secure business.