Road Traffic Safety Conference


The Security Report, under the auspices of the Ministry of the Interior of the Republic of Croatia, organized a conference on road safety in Zagreb on 7 June 2022 to point out the importance of preventive measures and warn of the dangers and consequences of driving at improper and unadjusted speeds, driving under the influence of alcohol, without fastened belts, etc., but also offered answers on how to make roads safer.

At the one-day conference that gathered about a hundred participants, we had the opportunity to hear lectures on new technologies and solutions for safer roads and road infrastructure, successfully completed projects, and opinions of participants through two panel discussions. Eccos’ Sales Manager, Ivan Bilać, gave a lecture on “Complete insight into the state of traffic on the Istrian Y and the Učka tunnel”. Eccos’ own solutions contribute to optimal and safer travel on the Istrian Y: in the Učka tunnel control center we replaced the video wall and upgraded the existing video surveillance system managed by Epsimax application, and for this specific project Eccos also developed the Eccos Datex Portal for monitoring traffic situation. Portal enables the sharing of information through the DATEX II protocol, a standardized method of exchanging traffic data in the European Union. 

Eccos is increasing presence in road traffic solutions, we perform complete traffic technical solutions in tunnels and on open sections. We are glad that we were able to contribute to the conference with our experience and examples, and we were inspired by lectures and discussions of fellow experts in the field.