15th meeting of mayors and entrepreneurs

We recently attended the "48 hours" conference, which was the 15th meeting of mayors and entrepreneurs in Poreč. The conference was organized by Lider business magazine and focused on finding new models of cooperation between city authorities and business communities. The conference covered a range of topics, including the development role of cities, how cities can attract investments, and how to improve the competitiveness of cities. During the conference, we had conversations with our existing and potential partners, where we explained how the implentation of our smart city platform ESCEP facilitates the management of the existing city infrastructure and enables future modifications of the smart city concept in accordance with the needs of citizens.

We were part of the Adria Security Summit held in Ljubljana

We recently attended the Adria Security Summit in Ljubljana. This conference serves as a platform or knowledge sharing, discussing important topics, networking and fostering collaboration among participants in various fields such as security, cyber security, IoT, ICT, mobility and automation. We took advantage of this opportunity and, to celebrate our 25th year of successful business, we treated the attendees with symbolic sweets. This sweet break allowed us the chance to connect with attendees, as well as existing and potential partners.

Smart industry conference — Smart industries lead to accelerated economic growth and development

We were part of the Smart Industry Conference in Šibenik, which was organized by the business magazine Poslovni dnevnik. The two-day event featured interesting panels and lectures on topics such as the digital transformation of companies, artificial intelligence, cyber security, and smart city solutions, all backed by practical examples. During the conference, our sales director, Ivan Bilać, gave a presentation on how Eccos offers smart city solutions to help cities digitize through our own program platform, ESCEP.