Infosecurity Europe – Conference on Cyber Security

We visited the Infosecurity Europe conference in London, which brings together the largest cybersecurity community in Europe. We exchanged experiences in the field, attended workshops and enriched our knowledge on various topics, heard about innovations and once again confirmed the importance of cyber security in business.

The Security 22 conference brought together a wide community of security experts

The College of Occupational Safety and Health organized the conference "Security 22", which brought together a wide community of security experts. As partners of the College, we are happy that we participated in event. Our Sales Manager, Ivan Bilać, gave a lecture on "Croatian intelligence for a secure European Commission", and Eccos' Chief Technology Officer, Dejan Čakija, participated in a panel discussion on business and cyber security.

Road Traffic Safety Conference

The Security Report, under the auspices of the Ministry of the Interior of the Republic of Croatia, organized a conference “Road Traffic Safety” to point out the importance of preventive measures in traffic, but also to offer answers on how to make roads safer. Our Sales Manager, Ivan Bilać, contributed to the conference with a presentation "Comprehensive insight into the state of traffic on the Istrian Y and the Učka tunnel" and by participating in a panel discussion on ways to raise the level of traffic safety by implementing advanced technological solutions.