Las comunicaciones audiovisuals

Sistemas de comunicación hospitalarios

Modern communication systems for hospitals and homes for the elderly and disabled are the basis for the establishment of a safe health institution, and in addition to providing patients and residents with a sense of comfort and security, they also make the work of staff and administration easier.

Hospital communication systems are based on cutting-edge IP technology that can support speech at a room, i.e. bed or patient level. Due to exceptional sound quality, security protocols and standards, advanced communication functions and modular, flexible and easy-to-expand solutions, these systems meet the specific requirements of each user.

In addition to hospital signaling, basic calls for help and communication with healthcare staff, implementation of advanced functionalities, patients can remotely control lights, curtains, etc., access various multimedia channels (telephone, television, internet) and use the service of ordering for food and beverages, newspapers and the like, thus merging several conventional systems into one.

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