In cooperation with Bina-Istra, we donated a van to the Children’s Home Zagreb


In cooperation with Bina-Istra, we donated a passenger van to the Children’s Home Zagreb.
The official handover of the van took place on Thursday, July 6, 2023, in front of the Children’s Home Zagreb, and was attended by the director of the Children’s Home Zagreb, Mrs. Jasna Ćurković Kelava, Mrs. Margareta Mađerić, State Secretary at the Ministry of Labour, Pension System, Family and Social Policy, Mr. Dario Silić, General Manager of Bina-Istra and Mr. Christian Santaleza, General Manager of Bina-Istra Management and Maintenance, and General Manager of Eccos, Krešimir Paić.

«The idea for the donation came after a conversation with Mrs. Jasna Ćurković Kelava, who mentioned their need for a bigger transport vehicle in their home,» as explained in Bina-Istra.
As business partners of Bina-Istra, with whom we successfully cooperate, we recognized the need of the Children’s Home and decided to engage together and acquire a van suitable for transporting the children. We have been involved in a socially responsible business concept for many years and we believe that such an approach benefits everyone. We are happy to help various associations and people who need help, and we are glad that this donation will make the work of the Home easier.


„We thank Bina-Istra and Eccos for the very valuable and much-needed donation. The old van was worn out and this one came to us at the right time, we will use it to transport small children and teachers and, if necessary, to transport things and goods. Transporting children in a new, well-equipped van will certainly increase the safety of our little ones,» said Mrs. Ćurković Kelava and pointed out that the Home currently provides care for 90 small children and 10 young mothers.