Dispositifs de niveaumétrie

Continuous monitoring of the quantity of crude oil and related products in large storage tanks, oil pipelines and terminals is of paramount importance in everyday work.

The value of metered inventory, loss control, storage space utilization, leak detection and overflow protection are just some of the aspects that operators and owners of terminals need to take into account.

Monitoring of the above-mentioned aspects depends first and foremost on the quality and features of the tank measuring system. Key advantages of intelligent tank metering and control devices that we offer are:

  • Automatic check of the product transfer;
  • Maximum security and environmental protection;
  • Improved inventory management;
  • Reduced product loss;
  • Reduced operating costs and improved plant efficiency.

Timely access to reliable and accurate storage space data allows the making of quality and appropriate decisions, thereby optimizing productivity, safety and ultimately profit, and the implementation of such a system brings quick return on investment.