Equipements antidéflagrants

In cooperation with its partners, Eccos offers mobile explosion-proof devices for different application areas including oil, chemical and petrochemical industries, mining, the pharmaceutical industry, energy and environmental sectors.

Explosion-proof electrical devices, better known as Ex-devices, are specially designed for use in explosive mixtures of flammable gases, vapors, mists, dust and air under normal atmospheric conditions.

Normal atmospheric conditions are considered to be atmospheric pressures of up to 2000m above sea level and temperatures between -20°C and + 40°C. Anything exceeding these values is considered to be an explosive atmosphere. Devices for work in hazardous conditions are specially designed in order to avoid the ignition of flammable atmospheres. Potential sources of the ignition of explosive atmospheres constitute all electrical devices with a voltage greater than 1.5V, current greater than 100 mA and energy greater than 20μJ.

Electrical devices for explosive atmospheres, i.e. explosion-proof electrical devices, are labeled with « Ex » and according to European standards with « Eex ». Each type of explosion protection for gases, alongside the « Ex » label, also has a special label marking the type of protection.