Communications audiovisuelles

Autres systèmes de communication

Other communication systems offered by Eccos in cooperation with partners include multimedia systems, hospital signaling and emergency call systems.

Multimedia systems consist of multiple units (audio systems, video systems, lighting) that are managed by advanced control systems which automate the functioning of audio and video equipment, lighting, shades, curtains, etc. Based on our knowledge and experience, in cooperation with our partners we offer complete solutions for loudspeaker and microphone systems, audio systems for the hearing impaired, video projections and conferences, digital advertising, interactive information systems, and lighting for congress and polyvalent halls and museums.

 Hospital signaling and emergency call systems are based on cutting-edge IP technology that can support speech at a room, bed or patient level, as needed. Due to exceptional sound quality, security protocols and standards, advanced communication functions and modular, flexible and easy-to-expand solutions, hospital signaling systems meet the specific requirements of each user.

Modern communication systems for hospitals and homes for the elderly and disabled helps the medical staff in providing care for the sick and helpless, and provides patients and residents with a sense of comfort and security. Apart from the communication terminals, the system also supports other multimedia content such as telephone, television, internet, etc., thus merging several conventional systems into one.

For more about the hospital signaling systems we offer, see the following link.