Communications audiovisuelles

Système de sonorisation de sécurité

Eccos voice alarm and public address systems are in compliance with the HRN EN 54 standard, which means that they meet stricter standards than ordinary systems in terms of reliability and performance in adverse conditions (e.g. fire, power outage, power line break or short circuit, etc.). These systems enable reliable reproduction of the evacuation message when the need arises (e.g. in case of fire alarm, earthquake, terrorist threat, etc.). Alarm messages can be recorded and played back automatically in case of alarm, but evacuation can be coordinated by security staff (e.g. a security guard in the monitoring center or firefighter) using security microphones. 

The special feature of the voice alarm and PA systems we offer is that in periods when there is no need for voice evacuation, voice alarm systems perform the function of a regular sound system for playing background music and/or usual everyday announcements. For more about Eccos voice alarm and public address systems we offer in collaboration with partners, see the following link.