Развитие программных решений


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ORGMAN is a computer system for security and maintenance management. It is an advanced software solution for the integration of the automation maintenance process system, i.e. the solution for organization, planning and monitoring of facility and equipment maintenance.

It is developed in accordance with cutting-edge technologies and trends in technology development, with the aim of improving the segments of security, automation and cost-effective resource management.

One of the main advantages of the Eccos ORGMAN computer system compared to other systems of this type is the possibility of its full customization to suit the needs and requirements of users. Prior to the implementation of the ORGMAN system, it is necessary to define which specific goals are to be achieved.

The Orgman system offers:

• Automated equipment maintenance
• Maintenance planning with automatic generation of orders
• Insight into maintenance indicators — KPI
• Maintenance cost tracking
• Submitting reports
• Certificate and license management
• Equipment condition monitoring lists
• Document management
• People and business directory
• Creating and sending polls by e-mail, result analysis
• Alarming and sending notification to users by e-mail
• Additional solutions or customization of existing solutions according to user needs
• Integration with other user systems (existing warehouse operations, etc.)

Advantages of the Orgman system:

• Better use of resources
• Increased work safety
• Extended lifespan of machinery and equipment
• Optimization of stock and purchase of spare parts and materials
• Increased productivity
• Increased share of planned maintenance compared to corrective maintenance
• Gathering information for subsequent analysis and improvement of maintenance