Аудиовизуальные коммуникации

Предупреждение населения

Eccos, in cooperation with partners, offers emergency population warning systems based on sirens manufactured according to the latest achievements of the electronics industry. The emergency population warning systems enable the broadcast of prescribed alarms and voice announcements about the type of danger and measures to be taken depending on the area at risk.

The systems include monitoring centers, as well as the remote control and monitoring of each system component. The offered systems enable hierarchical remote control, full system autonomy, analog and digital radio control of TCP/IP networks, leased telephone line, GSM or halo connection, system status monitoring at all times, and automatic and immediate error or system failure reporting. Eccos offers solutions for connecting electromotor sirens to population warning systems.

The systems are composed of sirens, control panels, computers, communication modules and various solutions for receiving and installing all system parts. Each of the population warning systems is expandable and upgradable.

The emergency population warning systems are particularly desirable in times of elemental disasters, fires, earthquakes, floods, dam ruptures, catastrophes and major accidents, as well as in areas subject to various other dangers. Based on our knowledge and experience, we offer solutions in accordance with all end-user requirements.