Parking management systems

Open parking lots and garages are an integral part of city zones and commercial and public buildings, and given the fact that the number of vehicles on the streets grows day by day, parking lots are becoming more and more precious.

Parking management systems bring considerable income and represent a specific aspect of access control in terms of reserving, selling, issuing and checking parking tickets. It should be noted that Eccos offers classic payment systems, as well as paying by SMS and credit and debit cards.

Since each building and its parking system are a specific case, an individual approach is required. Eccos’ individual and complete solutions are characterized by flexibility, modularity, openness and the possibility of integration into the client’s business model, including among other things:

• Automatic number-plate recognition;
• Parking space monitoring;
• Hosting services;
• Payment by cash, cards and SMS;
• Advanced financial and statistical reports;
• Intelligent remote maintenance;
• Possibility of using certain sales items;
• Integration with VoIP intercom system;
• Integration with video surveillance system;
• Integration with access control and time and attendance system;
• Data storage.

Thanks to the great engineering experience gained in the field of safety and security and access control systems, we also offer enhanced parking systems with a variety of upgrades and additional visitor content.

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