Data centers

Data centers or security server rooms are a typical example of complex integration solutions as they imply linking different electronic subsystems to a single coherent entity. Since integration at the level of individual subsystems is only a partial solution, there is a need to integrate a variety of seemingly incompatible electronic systems into a single homogeneous system whose capabilities greatly exceed the individual functionality of each separate system.

Eccos provides the integration of systems based on data communication between subsystems, i.e. hardware and software interfaces that allow adequate interaction between individual systems and devices, thereby achieving the desired level of transparency of global business processes, with the possibility of monitoring and control from one central computer. 

The core function of the security server room is to ensure high-availability software applications; therefore, such rooms are the core of business of any company or institution, gathering a large number of diverse, mutually separate and seemingly incompatible electronic systems in the central umbrella platform (CCMS). However, at the same time, many segments of such a system represent a single point of failure (SPOF). Loss of network voltage, failure of a central server or network switch represent a potential breakdown of the entire system. In order for the system to always be reliable, stable and highly available, an interdisciplinary approach as offered by Eccos is required, with complete turn-key solutions, as well as support and solutions in the field of:

Computing / Telecommunications

  • Design and implementation of the central control and monitoring system based on in-house engineering solutions according to user-specific needs and requirements, using software and hardware equipment of world-renowned partner companies,
  • Provision of high-availability applications by virtualization on redundant computer equipment


  • Design and installation of electrical wiring
  • Engine generator
  • Uninterruptible power supply (UPS)
  • Enterprise energy management system based on engineering solutions designed according to specific characteristics of each system

Air conditioning, ventilation and heating

  • Design and implementation of the system in cooperation with partners


  • Design and installation in cooperation with partners

Security systems

  • Design, implementation and integration of the entire spectrum of safety and security and fire protection systems.