Safety and security

Eccos provides design, implementation and maintenance services for all types of safety and security systems based on the knowledge, commitment and experience of our engineers, and the equipment of world-renowned manufacturers. What distinguishes us from other providers of similar services is the ability to integrate all safety and security, fire protection, and industry and building construction management systems into one comprehensive system, enabling the management of all integrated systems from one central monitoring and control application.

Our offer of safety and security systems covers a wide range of systems and services, including:

  • Solution for the integration of the safety and security system – Epsimax
  • Video surveillance and intelligent video analytics
  • Intrusion detection system
  • Access control and time and attendance solutions
  • Mechanical protection (ramps, doors, rotational barriers, etc.)
  • Visitor management system
  • Key management and locking systems
  • Fire alarm and extinguishing system
  • Gas detection system

We also offer safety and security systems fully customized to the user’s specific needs and requirements, and complete, time-synchronized solutions.