Opening of Poljana square – besides the new look of the central city square, the city of Šibenik has increased the parking capacity for its citizens and tourists

Construction of Poljana - the main square of the city of Šibenik is finished. Poljana is a new modern city promenade that also serves to increase the city's parking capacity with its three-storey underground garage. The project includes public and social buildings, and Eccos has, among other, implemented parking solutions in the mentioned

Implementation of the body temperature monitoring system in the administrative building of A1 Hrvatska

Due to the situation of the coronavirus pandemic, new measures for entering a business premises were introduced and recommended, and there was a need for increased access control. In addition to standard safety and security solutions, new solutions have been developed, and one of them is thermal cameras with a thermal sensor that can detect elevated skin surface temperature, which is one of the symptoms of the disease. By installing a thermal camera in the administrative building of A1 Hrvatska, the possibility of the COVID-19 infection has been reduced to a minimum.

Safety and security sector has a new Doctor of Philosophy in Computer Science – Dejan Čakija, PhD

Our Chief Technology Officer recently got a doctorate in Computer Science. Dejan Čakija defended a dissertation at the University of Zagreb Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing, entitled "Optimization of Security Elements Selection and Placement in Physical Security System” and thus obtained the title of Doctor of Philosophy in Computer Science.