Safety and security

Solution for the integration of safety and security systems – Epsimax

Due to the specific requirements of every user, Eccos largely relies on its own development, within which we have been successful for many years thanks to a large number of professional and experienced engineers. What makes us different from other providers of similar services is the ability to integrate all safety and security, fire protection, industrial and building construction management systems into a single system managed from one central monitoring and control application – Epsimax.

Over the past few years, Epsimax has become the first choice of leading Croatian companies in the fields of energy, industry, tourism, retail, healthcare, transportation, culture and education, and is equally successful on the external market. A special feature of Epsimax lies in its modular design that enables unlimited extensions and upgrades, such as third-party integration, according to the needs of users.

The Graphic map is a central management site that displays the status of all modules in real time and allows the operator to react promptly in emergency situations, as well as entering event-related notes, switching on and off system elements, receiving and canceling alarms, etc.

Epsimax is in every respect an advanced and comprehensive software solution that enables full control of monitored areas, and at the same time, by making simple modifications and upgrades, adapts to each user, meeting even the most demanding criteria of modern companies and institutions. 

Epsimax modules:

  • Event management
  • Graphic map
  • Video surveillance
  • Intrusion detection
  • Fire alarm and gas detection
  • Access control
  • Time and attendance solutions
  • Visitor management
  • Managing external contractors
  • Monitoring of objects taken in/out
  • Key management
  • Building construction systems management
  • Intercom
  • Parking monitoring and management
  • Automatic number-plate recognition
  • POS