Automation is the use of control systems and information technology in order to reduce the need for human work in production and service provision processes. Automation is a logical continuation of mechanization and plays an increasingly important role in world economy and everyday life. Although the very concept of automation is extremely broad, depending on the purpose and function of the facility, Eccos offers its clients a variety of solutions from the following groups of activities:

• Central control and monitoring systems (CCMS / SCADA / BMS)
• Radar level meters
• Explosion-proof devices
• Internal corrosion monitoring system
• High-availability applications
• Instrumentation

Schneider Electric, the world’s leading energy management and automation company, develops related technologies and energy management and process management solutions in safe, reliable, efficient and sustainable ways. Eccos and Schneider Electric are long-term partners in the field of energy efficiency. Eccos for Schneider Electric EcoXpert Partner Program has a title of  Master EcoXpert TM  – Power Management – Specialized in Datacenter and therefore obtained a certificate for the segment of energy management within the technological units of the open-source and connected IoT platform. This certificate proves Eccos’ expertise in critical applications like power quality monitoring, power events analysis, and energy efficiency compliance.