Development of software solutions

When it comes to integrating different systems, Eccos almost entirely relies on in-house solutions and the knowledge of our engineers, enabling the development of fully customized applications adapted to specific projects.

Eccos covers a full spectrum of activities in the field of safety and security – video surveillance and intrusion detection systems, vehicle and person access control system, fire alarm and extinguishing systems, gas detection systems, security services monitoring system, security entrance system, perimeter protection system, GPS, etc. It is possible to integrate, monitor and manage all these systems via computer or single umbrella application.

When it comes to implementation costs and application use, this brings huge savings and creates conditions for timely response and elimination of potential crisis situations.

Thanks to the top-quality equipment of world-renowned manufacturers, and the knowledge, commitment and experience of our engineers, our project and software solutions are reliable, efficient and adapted to all users’ needs and requirements. We are especially proud of the Epsimax application, a unique solution for the integration of safety and security systems, the ESCEP platform for establishment of the smart city concept, and the ICMS system for monitoring the internal corrosion of pipelines.