Техническая защита

Противокражная система и система антинападения

Key factors for estimating means of protecting the facility from burglary, intrusion and sabotage are its size, distribution and orientation, the importance of business processes involved, value of assets and equipment, and number of employees working there.

Intrusion detection systems are able to successfully detect, alarm and prevent intrusion attempts into a protected facility. Modern intrusion detection systems have a central digital microprocessor unit, system expansion modules, alarm and control units and different detectors — from spatial detection (motion detection), based on infrared and microwave technology, to vibration detectors, panic buttons, foot rails, etc.

Eccos implements intrusion detection systems with the equipment of world-renowned manufacturers that enable facility monitoring and system management from a central monitoring and control application.

This results in synergistic effects of different safety and security systems, which ultimately results in optimal protection in accordance with the specific needs and requirements of each user.