Eccos and European Commission – cooperation worth over 34 million euros


At the end of 2023, we signed two four-year framework contracts with the European Commission with a total value of EUR 18.57 million which encompass supply and installation of access control, intrusion detection, CCTV and remote management security equipment in the buildings of the European Commission in Belgium and Luxembourg. In April 2024, the third four-year contract worth 15.80 million euros was signed for the improvement and maintenance of the technical security system bringing the total value of the cooperation to an impressive 34 million euros.

The contracts were concluded in a consortium with the Belgian company European Security Concept. The contract in Belgium covers almost 80 facilities of the European Commission while in Luxembourg it covers 16 facilities along with permanent construction of new ones. As these are facilities that are accessed on a daily basis by an extremely large number of employees, visitors, journalists and vehicles, ensuring the smooth operation of these systems is necessary.

We have been export-oriented for years and present in the markets of all neighbouring countries, and our expertise in the field of safety and security systems and data centres has been recognized in Western Europe as well. We are present on the German market through our daughter company Deccos GmbH, and a project is currently underway to construct large data centres in Frankfurt, where Deccos’ part of the work represents an important segment of the project. The value of the works contracted so far in the first phase of the project is about EUR 1.50 million, and they relate to the design and implementation of the BMS (Building Management System) and PMS (Power Management System) systems. Due to the obligation of data confidentiality, we can only reveal that we are working with the world’s largest investors. Such sophisticated projects are in line with our efforts to export Croatian intelligence, knowledge, and experience to the European Union.