ECCOS INŽENJERING d.o.o. is committed to ensuring quality, protecting the environment, responsible energy management, ensuring security and protection of information, as well as ensuring safe workplaces and human health protection at each location where it carries out its activities, appropriate to the nature, scope and impact on quality, environment, energy, health protection and information security.

High level of the implemented systems for quality management according to ISO 9001 standard, environmental protection according to ISO 14001, health protection and safety according to ISO 45001 and SCCp, information security according to ISO 27001 and energy according to ISO 50001 are the basis of future development and a guarantee for the satisfaction of our customers, employees, business partners, owners and the community.

Responsibility for established management systems is also confirmed by the management and implementation in the business processes and all Eccos’ organizational units.

The Management reviews and evaluates established management systems on a regular basis.

Achieving the set level of quality and continuous improvement are ensured through continuous fulfillment of the set goals of the integrated management system.



By opting for continuous improvement, the Management:

  ensures availability of information and resources for achieving goals,

  enables responsible behavior in environmental protection to preserve clean environment for future generations and prevent pollution

  works on continuous alignment with legal, contractual and other applicable requirements related to the activity and requirements of the integrated management system

  proactively works to prevent accidents, work injuries, occupational diseases and all other health risks related to everyday business activities

  communicates with employees and enables their participating in the standard-related activities

  provides protection and controlled access to relevant data and information with the aim of achieving ISMS goals

ensures the provision of the resources necessary for enabling the application of all ISMS-related requirements

ensures the procurement of energy-efficient equipment, products and services


The right criterion for measuring the quality of services provided is the reaction of end customers.

This publicly announced policy is a fundamental part of the Integrated Management System Manual; its provisions are incorporated into all internal documents and are binding for each employee.

Our employees implement this policy by developing goals at all levels of business.


Zagreb, April 5, 2019